NGO "Rehabilitation & Sports Club for the Disabled"


General Information

The public union "Rehabilitation and Sports Club for the Disabled" (NGO "RSCD") is a non-governmental, non-political and non-commercial organization of rehabilitation and sports activities nature. It was legally registered by the Legal Department of Minsk Executive Committee as of November 10, 2004; Registration Certificate № 05\0442. The RSCD acts on the grounds of voluntariness and equality of its members, self-administration and publicity; it unites any persons interested in the development of sports for the disabled in Minsk city.

Main Objectives

  • Creation of sports teams for the disabled (disabled children) to start active and regular training activities and participating in sports tournaments, arranged both in Belarus and abroad (wheelchair basketball, rugby, etc.);
  • Collection of material resources and funds to ensure continuous training process;
  • Arranging and carrying out the activities on social rehabilitation for the disabled (disabled children) to make it possible for them to live active and meaningful lives;
  • Social and material assistance for those club members who are in need.

Our History

The public union "Rehabilitation and Sports Club for the Disabled" started its history in 2002. It was during the study visit of Belarusian wheelchair users together with the representatives of Swedish partner NGO "Rekryterings Gruppen Association for active rehabilitation" to the rehabilitation facilities of Belarusian Prosthetic and Orthopedic Centre. Then its Director General, Mr. Ivan N. Volkov, agreed to our proposition to start wheelchair basketball training sessions in this Centre. The first enthusiasts started the trainings as soon as it was possible and the team appeared in several months. The players used (and are still using) the usual MEYRA active wheelchairs that were given to the team members by the Centre’s Director. The wheelchairs needed to be rebuilt and we did it. They are actually still being modernized and we still have no real basketball wheelchairs. We are very grateful to Mr. Volkov for giving us the chairs and the very possibility to develop wheelchair basketball in Belarus. In 2003 the team was named Minsk Wolves and we got a coach, Mr. Sergei Meleshko. Since that time we started regular trainings, to arrange tournaments in the country, to visit the abroad competitions and to help developing wheelchair basketball in other Belarusian towns.

Top up

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